Bananas and Flea Control

At some point, pet owners will experience the misery of fleas. An infestation in one pet can spread to other pets, and even invading your home to your misery. Once fleas have taken hold, you will definitely rush yourself to the market and buy costly flea control products. Well, the good thing is you don’t need to fill your house with harmful chemicals. You can actually get rid of fleas using banana peels.

Generally, one banana peel is enough to cover 5 to 10 square feet of your lawn. If the infestation is particularly bad, you can double up the amount of peel per lawn area. Fleas are naturally attracted to the smell of the peels. However, their system cannot handle the enzymes present in the banana peel. Apparently, when they eat the peel, they will die—making banana peels very effective remedy for flea infestation.

You can add more peels if you do not efficiently get rid of the flea problem entirely. You can put the peels on several different locations inside your house as well. Make sure though that you put the peels on a plate to prevent one from accidentally slipping into it. This particularly makes sense when you have small children and elderly at home. If you think you that they are something you need to hide from your houseguests, you may tear each peel into small pieces then spread them under your sofa, cupboard, furniture, bed, etc. You might also want to tuck the peels away if your pet tries to eat them. Place the peels in areas where your pet doesn’t have access to all the time. However, be mindful of fruit flies if you place banana peels indoor. The longer the banana peel sits the more effective it becomes in killing off fleas. Just make sure that you change the peeling when they get dry or once they turn black.

Aside from controlling all disturbing fleas, banana peels are also a great home remedy for flea bites. You can dab the inside part of the banana peel on the affected area, and within a few seconds, skin itching will be relieved.
Don’t worry about stacking up extra bananas just to get rid of fleas naturally. There are many different recipes that make use of bananas as the main ingredient. You can leave some in the fridge for future snacking or use them as an ingredient for pudding, bread, etc. This way, you get rid of all extra bananas without overwhelming the household with pounds of bananas all at one sitting.

Fleas lay eggs, which hatch into worms, pupate into a cocoon, then emerge as an adult and eventually infect another host. These parasites can live just around anywhere in your home. The bottom line is that fleas carry harmful diseases to anyone in the household. This is why controlling flea infestation should be your serious priority. Controlling fleas using banana peels is a cheap and a natural way to make your home a flea-free environment.