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Banana Split Recipe

A banana split is a dessert, made with a banana cut lengthwise (hence the name), topped with ice-cream and whipped cream, here’s a more detailed recipe: Banana Split Recipe A long ripe banana A scoop of strawberry ice-cream A scoop of chocolate ice-cream A scoop of vanilla ice-cream Pineapple topping Chocolate topping Strawberry topping Some […]

Banana Pudding Recipe

Banana pudding is a common dessert in the Southern U.S. It is made of repeated layers of bananas, vanilla wafers and pudding, sometimes served with sprinkled meringue or whipped cream on top. Banana Pudding Ingredients (serving for 6-8 people) 3 sliced ripe bananas 2 cups milk 2 tablespoons cornstarch A dash of salt A teaspoon […]

Banana Pancakes

Whether you know them as johnnycakes, flapjacks, or pancakes, these tasty little quick breads are a quintessential staple of the American breakfast. For many, just the idea of hot, fresh pancakes brings back a sense of nostalgia – after all, young kids enjoy waking to a hot plate of them on those wonderful weekend mornings. […]

Banana Bread Recipe

Banana bread is a type of sweet bread which uses mashed bananas as the main ingredient. It is usually baked in a rectangular pan, and does not use yeast as a leavening agent, but rather baking soda. It also doesn’t use dough, but thick batter (that doesn’t require kneading) History of Banana Bread Banana bread […]