Do Bananas Cure Hangovers?

Bananas Cure Hangovers

Ever heard that bananas remedy hangovers? Alcohol is healthy up to some extent. However, a person must be wary of his unique alcohol tolerance so as not to end up with a nasty hangover the next day. Having too much to drink causes your body to lose potassium. This is why bananas are considered to be a natural remedy for hangovers.
How Alcohol Functions in the Body

An aching head, vertigo, dry mouth, nauseated stomach and fatigue are all common symptoms of a hangover. Large quantities of alcohol in your system can dehydrate you as it depletes your body of several essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium. This is the reason why you feel sick after heavy drinking.
When you drink soaring amount of alcohol, your body turns out to be exhausted of potassium. This is apparently because your body excretes lots of potassium during urination and sweating. Depletion of potassium in your body is the reason why you feel awful when you’ve got a hangover. You know the feeling of having those pounding headaches after partying all night.
Bananas Remedy Hangovers

Alcohol consumption dehydrates the body of potassium. To help replenish the amount of potassium, eating bananas can be a quick remedy. We all know that bananas have very high potassium content. A medium sized banana contains more than 450 mg of potassium. Also, bananas are a great source of magnesium which will relax the blood vessels and can relieve you from a thumping headache. Eating a banana will help you feel more at ease while letting the blood flow naturally. Bananas also contain B6 vitamins that further reduce hangover symptoms. Adding up, bananas are naturally filled with organic antacids that can cure heartburn. Your stomach might have a hard time digesting the alcohol you consumed. It could be churning out more and more stomach acid to digest the amounts of alcohol in your system. But with the help of the organic antacids in bananas, the acid in your stomach is neutralized, which consequently cures stomach problems such as acid reflux and nausea. The natural fruit sugars in bananas also help correct metabolism.
How to Cure a Hangover with Bananas

You could eat a couple of bananas along with a glass of water to alleviate hangover. But if you want the quickest approach to cure your hangover, you can make a banana milkshake with added honey. The milk rehydrates your body as well as treats your overly acidic stomach, while the honey builds up depleted levels of sugar in your body. If necessary, refrain from running off to do errands while you are still on the process of recovering from a hangover.
So, what happens next? Banana consumption should naturally clear up the extent of your hangover. Thanks to the potassium, vitamins b6, magnesium and fruit sugars in bananas! So the next time you party hard with friends and family, make sure that you have stocks of bananas at home. After all, you’ll definitely want to avoid hangovers after heavy drinking, don’t you?