Dogs and Bananas

Most pet owners could never say no to the beseeching look in their pet’s eyes. It is pretty much certain that dog owners would not falter giving just about everything to the pet. In fact, loving pet owners consider dogs as family members—even feeding them with human food. Of course, it’s a matter of pride to own a good looking and a healthy dog, isn’t it? But is it really safe to feed dogs with human food like bananas?

Banana for Dogs

While dogs may have originated from wolves, which are carnivores, they have evolved to become omnivores. An omnivore is a kind of animal that eats either plants or animals. So technically, dogs can and should be able to eat bananas. Apart from being delicious, bananas are rich in nutrients too. The good thing about giving your dog a piece of banana is that it is abundant in potassium, magnesium and vitamins. Therefore, you are secured that your pet is given the right food. Because of the enzymes and antioxidants present in the fruit, bananas can promote a healthy skin and a beautiful fur for your pet.

When to Feed Bananas

There are specific fruits that are not ideal for dogs. On the contrary, bananas for dogs are perfectly safe as long as it is given in moderation. Compared to humans, dogs have shorter digestive tract and distinct digestive capabilities. Having your dog eat too much bananas can cause diarrhea. Dogs that overeat bananas may experience stomach upset due to the fluctuation in the pH levels in his stomach. Although bananas contain water, the sugar content in bananas can result to dog obesity and may aggravate the condition of a diabetic pet. To avoid the occurrence of digestive problems, knowing when to feed bananas to your dog is very important. Bananas are great occasional treats for your four-legged buddy. This can work well if you are training your dog, or if you just want to reward him for doing something good.

How to Serve Bananas

You should consider feeding an amount of banana that is appropriate to the size of the dog. While a mastiff can eat a whole finger of banana, a teacup poodle should only be fed with small slices. However, before giving your dog anything to munch on, make sure that you speak with your veterinarian first to ensure proper and safe pet nutrition. Check with your veterinarian anytime you change your dog’s diet.

When giving a whole banana, make sure that you peel it beforehand to prevent your dog from being poisoned by the chemicals present on the banana peel. You may also incorporate them into his food. Dogs love banana biscuits as well as banana and oat muffins. You can also treat your dog with mashed bananas with cottage cheese. Apart from being easily digested, cottage cheese also contains high value of protein. This is why veterinarians recommend incorporating it into the dog food.

There is nothing noxious in bananas that would prevent you from feeding it to your dog. So the next time you are wheeling your cart though the fruit stand, get a few extra bananas into the basket for your four-legged buddy.